How To Nail Public Speaking

People begin to form an opinion of you immediately, even before you finish saying anything. They watch your body and the way it moves, they listen to the inflection of your voice.

At times, it seems, the way you say something is more important than the actual message you are delivering. For these reasons, interpersonal communication is considered an important skill set.

A particularly important type of speaking is speaking in a public forum. You will undoubtedly be asked to present some information verbally to a group of people at some point in your life.

It could be a group presentation in school, a board meeting at your office, or maybe even a speech at a wedding. In any case, it is imperative that you are prepared to deliver the information not only accurately but also confidently. Good public speakers share some attributes. Relating to the audience is key, as is confidence and clarity.

Most people spend a considerable portion of their time conversing with other people in one way or another. Proper communication requires us to organize our thoughts, listen to what we are being told, consider the audience, and provide appropriate feedback.

There are steps you can take to build confidence up before a big speech. Deep breaths are a great way to prepare. Eye contact is also important, switch from person to person in the audience throughout the entire speech. Stand tall, this gives the appearance of confidence.

You should also avoid any fidgeting or hand motions that indicate nervousness, appearing relaxed is the goal. There is no need for a showing of your extensive vocabulary, use simple words and phrases that everyone will easily understand. Do not rush through your message, speak slowly enough so that everyone can follow along.

While some folks seem to have a natural ability to speak well in public, this is not true for all. There is plenty of information indicating good public speaking skills can be honed by anyone willing to dedicate the time to learning. When a public speaker comes across as confident they are most likely very well practiced. It is likely that they were at one time just as nervous as any of us.

You no longer have to wish that you were born a good public speaker. You now know the factual information behind getting up there and being “a natural”. You can now rest assured that with a little time and practice you will be among the best!