Taboo Barely Legal Phone Sex

Barely legal phone sex is the most popular taboo so many men have this fantasy of a sweet young thing to telpt and seduce like they did one one of our popula barely legal phone sex girls.Read this sweet young things story:


I had one of my school friends spend the night.  Daddy said it was ok if she slept over in fact he encouraged it.  I think my  daddy wanted my friend to sleep over.  He repeatedly asked me to invite her over. It took me a little while to do that because she was new at school and I did not know her well.


Finally I asked her and she said, “yes.” Well daddy was really happy and made the night really special. Daddy took us out to dinner and a movie and even then for ice cream after the movie was over even though we were stuffed. She and I had a great time!

When we were home daddy brought out a trunk and said we should play dress up with the pretty clothes in the trunk. They were beautiful with lots of silk satin and bling.  My friend and I could hardly resist the pretty things so we gave daddy a fashion show.  Daddy said he would come into my room when we were done so he could see how cute we looked.  He said we were so pretty he wanted to take pictures and told us to hug and then in the next outfit, to kiss, then the next little outfit to kiss again but to use our tongues.


I saw daddy rubbing his crotch as we went back upstairs….

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Taboo Religious Phone Sex

Is there really anything more taboo than religious phone sex?  Not many people are aware that it is even availible but I am here to tell you it is. We have the most blasphemous young ladies available as well as the innocent and chaste. Do you want to be tempted to defile and innocent girl? Sinner or saint, nothing is too taboo for religious phone sex.


Do you want to meet that sweet young thing who is sporting her purity ring and faithful to both her church and her preacher father and convince her that she needs to give her virginity to an older man and if she doesn’t you will tell her daddy what she did last night? Every sunday you see her and want to transform her from the god fearing virgin she is into the dirty, perfect little slut you know she could be.


Or maybe you are a happily I married devote man to both your church and your family but the preachers daughter is always giving you sly looks. Then it gets worse, she corners you and exposes herself to you and tells you to touch her or she will tell everyone tells you did anyway. You want to say, “no” but you know no one will ever believe you. Still you resist until you feel her hand on your trousers and you are hers to with as she pleases.


No matter your taboo religious phone sex fantasy, there’s a girl to fulfill it, just call to take or be taken. Come be have a truly spiritual experience with a real taboo phone sex girl. No fantasies or too blasphemous. I cannot think of any time a woman is closer to god than when she is screaming and screaming out his name or maybe you will be.


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